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Tallgrass is currently the only Sudbury school in Illinois. The closest Sudbury school to us is Kokosing Valley School in Ohio.  You can find the closest Sudbury school to you by viewing the Google Map created by Alpine Valley School in Colorado.  The original Sudbury school is Sudbury Valley School in Massachusetts, founded in 1968. 

Wikipedia has a comprehensive list of schools in the US and in other countries following the principles of Sudbury education. 

Our school

In 2016, we were featured in a story on NPR

We have also been featured in the Deseret News and the Riverside-Brookfield Landmark.

A past volunteer has written about his experiences at Tallgrass

Michael Goldberg, an educator on a mission to learn more about meaningful education, shared his thoughts about Tallgrass

Freedom to learn

Check out psychology professor Peter Gray's wonderful Psychology Today blog, Freedom to Learn, about the roles of play and curiosity as foundations for learning: "Children come into the world with instinctive drives to educate themselves. These include the drives to play and explore."

Peter Gray has also published a book, Free to Learn

Compared to other school models

How do Sudbury schools compare to other educational models? Check out OK, So You're Sort of Like  by Romey Pittman of Fairhaven School.

Free range kids

Want to raise safe, self-reliant kids without going nuts with worry? Read Free Range Kids.

What motivates us to learn?

Drive by Daniel Pink explores how we find our true motivation when we have the freedom to self-direct our own lives. 

Are children punished by rewards?

Research suggests they might be. Check out When a Parent's 'I Love You" Means 'Do as I Say' by Alfie Kohn.

Is our education system keeping up with our changing world?

In "Turning Learning Right Side Up" authors Russell Ackoff and Daniel Greenberg delve into interesting questions that challenge our current education system like "Do classrooms make sense anymore?" and "Are distinctions between the arts and sciences still meaningful?" Find out here.

Is a Sudbury school radical?

Check out this article in the Atlantic about democratic schooling.

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