Every day Emi is eager to come to school and excited about what she’s going to do. Tallgrass has given her the confidence that she can do whatever she sets her mind to.
— Anna, Emi's mom

Tallgrass Sudbury School is a true alternative to conventional education based on freedom, trust, and respect. Tallgrass welcomes students ages 5 to 18. Our school is located in Riverside, IL, a near western suburb of Chicago, with students drawn from throughout the Chicago area. Contact us to schedule a visit or learn more. 

Tallgrass is one of about 50 schools worldwide modeled after the Sudbury philosophy of education, pioneered by Sudbury Valley School. 

Enrollment is open year-round! Considering Tallgrass? Email us at info@tallgrasssudbury.org to set up a visit.

At my previous high school I was stressed out all the time. When I came to Tallgrass, I stopped feeling stressed and now I’m able to focus on what matters to me.
— Tom, student