How You Can Support Us

Love the idea of Sudbury education, but not the parent of a potential student? There are many other ways you can help support our school and Sudbury education!

The best way to support us is to share information about Sudbury education with someone you know who is looking for educational alternatives.  Most of our students first hear about us through word of mouth. You never know who may be looking for a new school! Mention Sudbury in conversation about education, post Sudbury-related thoughts on social media, or share our contact information with someone who is seeking a new school.

You can also support us by:

  • Contributing part of your online purchases to us by shopping through Amazon Smile or Goodshop (does not increase the price of your purchase).
  • Making a donation. Tallgrass is a 501c(3) nonprofit, and financial and physical donations are tax-deductible. 
  • Volunteering. Tallgrass often has a need for adult volunteers to help out around school. For more information, contact us at 
  • Like our Facebook page and like and share our social media posts so they are seen by more people and potential students.