Scholarship Announcement


This year the staff have been working hard to make Tallgrass more accessible to families of all economic situations. We implemented a sliding scale for tuition and held an end-of-year donation campaign to raise money for scholarships for lower-income families. Both efforts have helped us reach more families, but we understand that paying anything for tuition is still a hurdle for some. For this reason, we have decided to go one step further for next year by offering up to 5 scholarships, each for 4 years of tuition-free enrollment at Tallgrass.


Tallgrass is the only Sudbury-model school in the region and offers a unique opportunity for students to direct their own learning. Tom, one of our students who went to public school before coming to Tallgrass, said this about his schooling experience: “At my previous high school I was stressed out all the time. When I came to Tallgrass, I stopped feeling stressed and now I’m able to focus on what matters to me.” By offering this new full scholarship program, we hope that more students like Tom will now have access to this educational option regardless of their family’s financial situation.

To apply, prospective applicants must visit the school and complete an enrollment interview by July 15. Applicants do not need to submit financial aid applications, but should announce their intent to apply for the scholarship during the enrollment interview. Scholarship recipients will be chosen by lottery and notified by August 1. The scholarship is open to students 4 through 18.

If you would like more information about the scholarship program or our school, please contact us at or 708-777-1037.